Increase average order value using Simon Predict and Iterable

Increase average order value and diversity of product purchase by creating a segment of your most probable second-purchasers, then sending their three top product recommendations to Iterable.


  • Use the Simon Predict Second Purchase Propensity model to create a segment of customers likely to purchase a second time
  • Send these customers' three top product recommendations to Iterable for use downstream



  1. Create a segment using the parameters Simon Predict: Second Purchase buckets is medium:
  1. Create a flow.
  2. Select the segment you created in step 1.
  3. Choose a start date, then set the frequency to something like daily at noon.
  4. In Destination, select Iterable and Sync Contact Content.
  5. Include the fields: name and three recommended product fields then click OK. (Your product recommendation field names are custom and vary from organization to organization):

  1. Click Schedule.

Take it a step further

Send three un-purchased product recommendations to Iterable by using Jinja to customize the content.