Use Snowtriggers to stream live events out of your Snowflake and into emails

Setting up marketing triggers and website events often means a long implementation process – setting up Javascript pixels that require engineering, marketing and a third-party vendor and going back and forth between these three teams can be a full-time job within itself. Data is then flowing into systems that are out of your control and the source of truth becomes murky.

But, imagine a world where you don’t need to manually configure webhooks, APIs, or javascript pixels to trigger marketing events.

If you're a Snowflake user, Snowtriggers create a streamlined path for effective campaigns both in implementation and action.

Snowflake remains the central data hub, and the tables that are already being updated on a regular basis are doing the heavy lift for you - triggering real-time alerts when a change in event takes place.


There are many use cases for Simon Data and Snowtriggers! Here are a few ideas:

  • Send real-time notifications to customers such as flight delays
  • Send automated, personalized messaging to improve the shopping experience
  • Manage the customer support experience with personalized messaging


  • Knowledge of Journey creation in Simon
  • A template created for the action you'll take in your Journey (email, sms, etc.)
  • Access to your Snowflake instance, and knowledge the tables within it


  1. Identify your Snowflake tables with the events and the derived events you want to use downstream. These are unique data fields relevant to an individual like:
    • Flight number and location
    • Homes
    • Clothing sizes and colors
    • Credit Card offer and interest rate
  2. Create a Complex Events Processor Trigger dataset with the events you identified in step 1 so we can ingest the event. It'll look something like this:
  1. Use the Support Center to request an Event Triggered dataset against your Complex Events Processor Trigger dataset.
  2. Once your account manager notifies you the dataset is ready, create a Journey using that Complex Events Processor Trigger dataset as the event trigger:
  1. Add an email or sms action and use one of your custom templates:
  1. Publish your journey then use Journey Reporting to measure results.

Take it a Step Further

  • Try adding a personalized product recommendation to your email template using Simon Predict.
  • Experiment with different real-time delivery actions.