Suppress owned channel engaged users from Meta custom audiences to optimize spend

Improve paid media performance by minimizing wasted reach against users engaged in CRM channels, where the CPM to reach them is a fraction of the cost.


  • Determine how the brand defines an engaged user
  • Create a segment of engaged users using that definition
  • Stream this audience to Meta (Facebook/Instagram) for suppression
  • Results: Improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by suppressing highly engaged email and/or SMS subscribers


  • Data needed:
    • Email engagement data from ESP integration
    • Optional: SMS engagement data from provider
  • Segment building knowledge
  • Flows knowledge
  • Define your engaged user (for example, has clicked on an SMS or number of distinct email opens is at least 5 in past 60 days)


  1. Create a segment and name it Engaged in owned channels using your Email Open event (name varies based on your ESP).
  2. Update number of opens to at least 5.
  3. Change the timestamp to after 60 days ago. (Bonus! Add an event filter to specify campaigns).
  1. If you want to include SMS data also, click Add Group then toggle the operator to OR
  2. Choose your SMS clicks event (name varies based on your SMS provider).
  3. Update number of opens to at least 1.
  4. Update timestamp to after 60 days ago. (Bonus: add an event filter to specify campaigns)
  1. Save the segment.
  2. Create a new flow named Suppress Engaged Users.
  3. Select the segment you just created, Engaged in owned channels.
  4. In Destinations choose Facebook and Sync Contact To Custom Audience.
  5. Select your Facebook ad account from the dropdown.
  1. Click Launch. Your audience will be available in Facebook shortly with the same segment name.
  2. Open Facebook Business Manager.
  3. Add the custom audience audience in Facebook to your campaigns as a suppression audience.