Use Simon Predict to Improve ROAS in Facebook, Google Ads, and Criteo Marketing

Build low-propensity audiences in Simon and push them to paid media channels for downstream suppression.


Maximize your ROAS by suppressing low-propensity buyers


  • Facebook, Google Ads, or Criteo Marketing credentials authorized
  • Simon Predict
  • Segment building knowledge
  • Flow building knowledge


  1. Create a low purchase propensity audience segment. Use the Simon Predict Propensity Group property and set it to is low:
  1. Create a new flow using your Low Propensity Purchasers segment.
  2. Choose your destination and action; Facebook, Google Ads, or Criteo Marketing are great options!
  1. Select your ad account.
  2. Save then Launch the flow!

Take it a step further

To further increase your spend efficiency, get Simon Match+! It can increase your match rates by over 20% which has a direct impact on your return on Add Spend.