Set up a Match+ Test

Simon Match+ is an optional, add-on beta

Contact your account manager to be added to the waitlist.

Set up a Match+ test to see the value of Match+ yourself.


Maximize your reach with Match+ by syncing additional HEMs & MAIDs to Facebook. Using this recipe, create a control and a test flow to compare rates.



  1. Use the segment builder to create an audience you want to target in Facebook; for example, High LTV customers. Be sure to include (Match+ Baseline) in the segment name so you can easily refer to this later!
  1. Launch a new flow using your segment from step 1. Name the flow the same as the segment, making sure you include (Match+ Baseline).
  2. In Destination, select Facebook as the channel, and choose the Sync Multi-Key Contact To Custom Audience action.
  3. Select the correct Facebook account.
  4. Since this is the control flow, do NOT check the box that says Amplify your audience using Match+.
  1. Save then launch the flow!
  2. Follow steps 1-4 for another segment with the exact same criteria, but name it High LTV (HEMs + MAIDs) instead. This will be your test flow.
    1. This time, DO check the box that says Amplify your audience using Match+, then save & launch the flow.
  1. Let both flows sync fully. After a couple of hours, log in to your Facebook account and check the match rates for each flow.
    1. The match rate for the Match+ flow should be higher than the control.